The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved

One surprising portion of “The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved” was the diagram of a dollar that showed where the consumer’s money was going after it was spent on various products. I was interested in which of the different areas were receiving money and I was surprised to see that “packaging” had such a large portion of the graph. While I understand that food needs to be packaged in some way to be sold, it made me start to think about how important packaging is visually. If a consumer is looking to buy a loaf of bread, they are likely to use attractive packaging to help narrow down the choices. We are all guilty of doing this in some way, but maybe if we were more aware of how uselessly expensive packaging is, we would care less.


Katz also mentioned the loss of diversity in both plants and animals alike. While that statement did not surprise me, the numbers did. 45% of existing chicken breeds, 43% of existing horse breeds, and 23% of existing cattle breeds are at risk of extinction. In my opinion, people often forget how important a distinct taste or smell might be to a dish that holds cultural value. I can only imagine that a person who grew up eating a certain breed of cattle might notice a difference in the flavor of different cattle. Keeping diversity alive plays an important role in who we are, where we come from, and how we portray that to others.