A weak week


Breakfast) none… had to go to work and open the store

Lunch)  various candies from Halloween that was at work

Dinner) Shark cooked in some spicy Asian sauce that I can’t read because the label is written in Koran, Jasmine rice and red peppers chopped,  Sierra Nevada Beer 1

Snack) various candy

Drink) water from the fountain at the mall (I don’t believe in buying water)


Breakfast) 3 eggs, 4 pieces of bacon, toast

Lunch) Costco pizza

Dinner) oranges x3

Snack)candy at work

Drink)  coke with refill at work


Breakfast) skip

Lunch) 3 eggs, chopped peppers, cheese, hot sauce, 4 pieces of bacon and toast

Dinner) skipped

Snack)candy at work, 3 oranges, green apple picked from orchard a few weeks ago



Breakfast) 3 eggs, bacon, toast

Lunch) cookies out of library snack machine

Dinner) chopped and fried squid, dipped in hot sauce and weird Korean sauce, and Stir Fry (Broccoli, peppers , red and green, peas in pods) jasmine rice cooked in sarachia sauce

Snack) oranges and apple

Drink) coke at work, Sierra Nevada with dinner


Breakfast)eggs bacon toast

Lunch) sour patch kids

Dinner) Bavarian Chef..potato pancakes, snitchel, beer (bitburg)

Snack)green apple