Bottom Dollar

On Friday, November 16, we went to Bottom Dollar for our final fieldwork assignment. It was about 55 degrees and sunny outside as I entered the store just off of Route 1 across from James Monroe High School, at 12:50 pm. I stayed for about 45 minutes and observed the store and what it had to offer. There weren’t many people in the store at the time I was there. Most of the customers that were there were older, which explain the low shelves throughout the store. There were considerably less people at Bottom Dollar than there were at Wegmans.
I immediately that Bottom Dollar is significantly smaller then Wegmans and didn’t have as much to offer. It had a produce section that was significantly smaller than that of Wegmans and had less variety. While looking above the aisles I noticed signs that advertised the extremely low prices that read, “Priced to please your purse” and “A price that will make your wallet smile.” When I walked down the aisles I noticed a multitude of canned and boxed foods.
Like any store, the products ranged from store brands to generic brands. I did notice the cheapness of the products. Products like meat were priced significantly cheaper than stores like Giant. I noticed that everything in the store was actually priced at “convenience” prices. Most products such as chicken and ground beef were being sold for between $1.70-$2.00 which indicates the type of shopper the store is trying to attract or how bad the quality of product is.
I had never been to Bottom Dollar before and my experience really wasn’t the best. I felt out of my element to say the least. The store was very bland and didn’t seem to welcoming to a college student; I guess that doesn’t apply to those who only want alcohol. There seemed to be too many employees working at the same time, considering there weren’t really a lot of customers. Just the fact that the parking lot was rather empty and deserted wasn’t really welcoming from the outside. I will probably never go near Bottom Dollar unless I’m passing through the parking lot.