Omnivore’s Dilemma-Part III

Part III of The Omnivore’s Dilemma is my personal favorite. I enjoyed reading about his experience Pollan had while foraging and creating his own meal from what he could gather from the environment. He planned to hunt for meat, but he was very unequipped and needed to learn how first. He did not have a hunting license nor did he have knowledge on hunting. Angelo Garro helped Pollan out tremendously and he provided him with what he needed to successfully score game. Pollan planned to hunt a wild hog. He noted that hunting was said to be a relationship between man and nature but he did not fully agree with that statement. He understood why humans are at the top of the food chain with his experience while hunting for the pig. Humans hunt and kill their food, making them predators. For humans entire existence they have relied on their intelligence to survive.

Reflecting back on previous readings, I can compare the process of preparation of food in factories and on a large scale to the way our ancestors used to prepare food, the way Pollan prepared his “perfect” meal. It is a relief that not everyone agrees with consuming processed and pre-packaged foods. Although it took much longer for Pollan to prepare his meal, it is much more rewarding for him to eat a meal he worked hard for and knows where each part comes from than to eat a meal out of a paper bag from a drive-thru.